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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Some Early Stats
Strange win yesterday, to say the least. Congrats to Swingin' Ken on his grand slam, although I'm still bitter about how things went down with Pickering. Then there was the whole matter of Lima-Time's no-hitter, which quickly became a 5-5 game. And everything wrapped up with a save from Burgos.

Just a strange game.

Without further ado, an early look at some stats:

Baseball Prospectus runs a nifty little playoff-odds report. Its pure novelty this early in the season, but come August it'll be a daily necessity. The feature debuted in the fall of 2003, just as the Royals were blowing the biggest All-Star break lead in history.

Right now, through 100 simulations, the Royals are somehow managing 63 wins. How this is happening, I have no idea. Probably the cumulative effect of all the presumably weak AL Central teams.

According to BP's defensive efficiency stats the Royals have the third worst defense in the American league, behind the Red Sox and Yankees.

(Of course, those teams can score runs.)

Joe McEwing now has more ABs this year than Calvin Pickering.

Mike Sweeney's .290/.345/.490 line is above average for an AL first baseman, who on average is .272/.347/.432. (Thats it? Damn.)

As a team, the Royals are hitting .238/.296/.378, which places them 27th in BA, 29th in OBP, 24th in SLG.

After the run explosion in the last two games, the Royals have scored 93 runs, good for 27th best in baseball. (Although being ahead of Oakland by one run, and Cleveland by two runs, after scoring 17 in two games isn't exactly heartening.)

On the mound, the Royals are actually making some strides, which is somewhat masked by the terrible defense.

The teams's K/9 rate is up to 6.04 (19th), which relative to the league is much better than last season's D.A.R.Y.L., Gobble and BA fueled refusal-to-strikeout rotation. The Royals are a respectable 22nd in K/BB ratio, at 1.67, 27th in team ERA at 5.08. The ERA seems a little high for the team's BAA allowed and OPS allowed (both in the low 20s for rank), so its possible it might come down a little as the season progresses.

On the base-paths the Royals have been predictably terrible, posting a horrendous 52% success rate on stolen base attempts. (Remember, you need to be around 66% to break even on the risk/reward.)

Finally, the Royals are 27th in walk-rate, but amazingly 14th in pitches per plate appearance.


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