Royals Nightly
Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Pena Out?
Insane, pointless and meaningless. It will have no effect on the team's play. Look, I'm no believer in the major league manager as it is, beyond offering quotes to the media and ordering the obligatory (read mindless) sac bunt in the 7th inning, its a over-rated position. Unlike in football or basketball, theres really no concept of a "play", other than the aformentioned one-run strategies, which are 1) usually detrimental anyway and 2) so ingrained in baseball culture that it is hardly a real decision anyway.

A manager's main job is to handle the pitching satff, which on this team means not letting Zach Greinke get hurt. I guess Pena did OK in that regard.

Clearly, if he quits its probably because he wants a shot to manage somewhere else, keeping that winning percentage reasonably non-horrible. Which it isn't.



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