Royals Nightly
Thursday, May 05, 2005
Game 28- Sox 2, Royals 1 (7-21) [This is a curse from God]
Look, I said it two days ago, the White Sox just aren't going to lose any one-run games this year. This is all part of a curse from God which is set to punish the world with an affirmation of Kenny Williams-Ozzie, which might be the most arrogant GM-Manager combo in recent memory.

Childish squabbles with the press? Check.
Stabbing former players in the back, for no reason? Check.
Bizarre, unearned self-importance? Check.
Unjustified worship of "little ball" as false justification for salary dumps and winning close games due to great pitching against bad AL Central offenses? Check.

There was literally no way the Royals could win this game, especially with Greinke on the hill. I honest to God would have bet all the money I owned that Greinke would lose by one or two runs today, probably due to a late bully collapse, and lo and behold it happened.

It was petrifying, but with each additional scoreless inning, it became _more_ apparent that the Royals would lose. That is just what happens when cheerleader boy is on the hill.

So, the curse of White Sox success continues. Carlos Lee will be burned in effigy tomorrow night at the Cell, with proceeds donated to Scooter Podsednik's retirement fund and an evening at Scores.


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