Royals Nightly
Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Game 26- White Sox 5, Royals 4 (7-19)
It sure looked like the Royals were gonna win this one, but the White Sox are this year's unreasonably lucky team, which is a curse from God forcing us to endure an endless summer of worship for little ball (despite it having very little to do with their success), borderline unethical Magglio-backstabbing and mor eridiculous quotes from Ozzie. And, just at the exact moment that Sisco starts to get some national publicity, he goes and shows that he's human after all.

Ohh well, better luck tomorrow.

After last night's explosion Sweeney's now hitting .311/.363/.563, which has to be his highest line in about two and half years. Its good to see, especially given how weirdly maligned Mike's been the past few seasons, and honestly I hope he has a monster first-half and gets traded to the Dodgers at the deadline.

BA even threw in 6 innings of adequate baseball, lowering his season ERA to 6.91. He did well to only surrender 3 runs, and perhaps he'll start to turn it around as well.

The White Sox just aren't going to lose 1-run games this year, and even a Shingo appearance couldn't help the Royals.

Ohh, and congrats to Swingin' Ken for coming back down to Earth... don't let that cleanup-slot role go to your head.


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