Royals Nightly
Thursday, April 21, 2005
Welcome To Bizzaro World
1. As you might expect, I positively hated Pena's decision to have Emil Brown bunt in the 8th inning. I know the 2nd & 3rd 1 out situation is a fairly nice one, but considering dude is one of the few power hitters (sorta) on the team, and had in fact homered in his last at bat, makes it a curious decision.

2. Top 9th, Royals take the lead on a single-balk-single. Why in the hell was Berroa running to third with 2 outs?!?!? An absolutely horrendous decision on his part. Can't stress the stupidity of that move enough...

Watching Mac's inevitable blown save right now...


[Update: Yep 9-9 now. Tiffee v. MacDougal with the bases loaded for the game.]


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