Royals Nightly
Friday, April 15, 2005
Lima Time
Headed to the Cell tonight to catch White Sox-Mariners, so I'll only be able to follow tonight's epic Royals-Tigers match-up via scoreboard annoucements. I'm curious what kind of crowd the Sox will draw tonight, and exactly how understanding said crowd will be about seeing someone wearing a Royals jersey in the stands. I've always kinda thought that any vaguely baseball-related apparel was appropriate, as long as it was a suffiecently random game. Thus, I wouldn't consider throwing down for the Royals if it was a Sox-Cubs game, but a buzz-less Sox-Mariners game in April... How could someone get upset??

[Insert White Sox fans attacking umpires, first base coaches etc comment here]

Anyway, its a moderately important game for the Royals tonight. They've gone from 3-3 to 3-6 fairly fast, and I'd hate to see the season settle into ennui and despair before April 20th, which could easily happen if they're 4-12 or something at that point. Let's maintain the illusion here boys... flirt with .500 or something.

Further, theres the part of me that believes that Lima can be a league-average starter, so maybe we'll see that ERA start working its way into the 7-8 range with a decent start tonight.

Tigers-Royals: theres still bad blood from the Sweeney-Weaver battle in 2001. These teams hate each other!

Remember in the magical 2003 season when the ROyals were able to feast on the Tigers? Good times.

Joe McEwing has a 1.000 OPS. Maybe he's the new Melvin Mora? Well, 'cept that Mora was always known to have some talent. But Super Joe's a hustling white scrub, Criag Counsell without the NOtre Dame pedigree or the semi-ability to get on-base. And at 3rd base? I thought that was a semi-power position?

Ohh well, more pointless and easy bitching from me. I think our boys win tonight.


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