Royals Nightly
Thursday, April 14, 2005
Game 9- Mariners 10, Royals 2 (3-6)
Sheesh. That was horrible.

As in the first game of the series the Royals took a close, winnable-looking game and turned it into a laugher in about 25 minutes. Mark my words, Jamie Moyer won't finish with a season ERA below 4.50, pitching half his games in Safeco this season, but the Royals made him look passable, turning 9 hits into just 2 runs. Of course, when you somehow strike out 4 times against Moyer, clearly some kind of ineptitude threshold has been crossed. Then again, Pickering himself K'ed three times. Royals Nightly Exclusive Prediction: He won't be in KC on May 1st.

Bautista was shaky almost from the beginning, finally melting-down once and for all in a disastrous 4th inning. The half-inning before the Boys in Blue stranded two men in disheartening fashion, which was immediately followed by the Mariners scoring 300 runs. Or so it seemed.

Nice old-fashioned season sweep to get the home schedule going, a firm "nothing to see here folks" delivered to the good people of Kansas City.


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