Royals Nightly
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Game 8- Mariners 2, Royals 1 (3-5)
If you can only manage 1 run off of Aaron Sele, then really whats the larger purpose of fielding a team? As talked about yesterday, theres some lingering hope associated with the 2005 Royals, but its all in the promise of young pitchers, and I'd bet even money that Greinke or Runelvys finish the season on the DL. (Know the Royals luck, and the way young pitchers are.)

That said, the offense looks worse each game, with today no exception. The Royals had four hits and drew three walks, so honestly their lucky that they were able to score a run, with the somewhat comical occurence of a Matt Stairs triple leading to a run.

Here's a horrifying quote from Royals favorite Terrence Long, "Franklin threw strikes and Sele threw strikes and, in this case, we've got to be more aggressive".

What? The Tony Muser Era II you ask? Seems like it.

Basically, there's horror all around. Tony Graffanino isn't abjectly horrible as an occasional starter at third base I guess, but if Pena indulges his inner Jimy Williams and goes with Joe McEwing at any point, then we'll truly know that life is not worth living. Teahen was, and is, likely headed for a replacement level season at third, but at least he has a remotely imaginable upside. Lets hope he comes back.

Still, theres always Greinke, who's still got that shiny 0.00 ERA... And heck, Pickering at least got a sac-fly, for had he struck out with Stairs on third its possible that the chattering classes would have called for his immediate demotion to Omaha. Plus, Sweeney hasn't hit the DL yet.



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