Royals Nightly
Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Game 7- Mariners 8, Royals 2 (3-4)
47,788 people saw the Royals play today, and 47,788 saw them lose. I always love this part of the season, when damn near 50K will see the R's play on Monday, then at the next home game there'll be like 12,000 people rattling around in the stands. Call it the "AL Central Special", always guaranteed in KC, Detroit and Chicago... Cleveland was once an exception, back when Drew Carey was cool and all, but now they're solidly medicore in terms of attendence. Minnesota had some good luck this weekend, with a nice weekend opening series and a quasi-rival in the White Sox.

Anyway, the Royals of course lost today, although in many ways it was an encouraging game. Runelvys looked good for awhile, and even with the disastrous 8th inning, still only allowed 4 runs himself. Needless to say, I'll take it.

The Royals complete inability to take pitches is starting to annoy me however. The Mariners only threw 94 pitches all game. Now, I know I know, Franklin was dealing... at least thats what the national AP story suggests. Frankly, I don't buy it, Ryan Franklin is never that good and even if he is, you've got to do better. I haven't dug into the play-by-play, but at least make him work...

And, the no-walks, no-power offense continues. Lets hope Pick gets some lineup time soon, considering he's the rare Royal who can do both. And no, I'm not forgetting Sweeney, his plate discipline is in major regression.

Was that goodbye to .500 forever? We'll see.


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