Royals Nightly
Sunday, April 10, 2005
Game 6- Royals 8, Angels 3 (3-3)
Despite my unceasing pessimism, the Royals stand at .500 again... after 6 games, they're amazingly still even up. Today was a nice enjoyable win, which I was able to catch a bit of in the car driving back from the Twin Cities.

Brian Anderson heroically pitched a semi-good game this afternoon, going 6 innings and allowing just 5H 3BB and 3Rs. Pointless bitchiness from me aside, holding a good Angels team to only 3 runs is a nice day. Normally, it would be the prelude to another 4-2 Royals loss, but on this afternoon BA was able to pitch with a lead the entire day, and the Royals coasted.

Hell, the Royals even struck out 8 Angels, which is borderline amazing considering this staff.

BA's pitching notwithsatnding, the Royals whipping up on Bartolo Colon has to be the game's dominant angle, and there won't be too many games this season that feature 4 doubles, 2 homers and (gasp!) 11 singles.

Thus far, Emil Brown, Gotay and Teahen are all holding their own. Angel Berroa and T-Long are looking vaguely functional, and Sweeney hasn't been injured yet! I give Pickering another week before we see media clamoring for Swingin' Ken, so maybe he can have a big game sometime before then.

The Royals leave Anaheim with a truly satisfying series victory, and now head home to open the season at the K against the Mariners.

Tied for second in the division. You can't beat that.



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