Royals Nightly
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Game 15- Twins 5, Royals 4 (5-10)
I always seem to post after the losses don't I?

Actually its just a coincidence thus far, and, well, linked to the much greater occurence of losses. After yesterday's thrilling victory over Cleveland, the Royals spent a large chunk of tonight's game looking like they might win two in a row. Sweeney's three-run homer gave the Royals a 4-3 lead which they held for three innings before the evil Twins caught up at 4-4.

Lima-Time beating Johan would hav been fairly cool, maybe even a season highlight at some incredibly modest level... Didn't happen of course. Somehow the Royals struck out 13 times in the game, with no walks. Emily Brown is in a nifty 0-18 slump... But RN hero Cal Pickering has done nothing to justify more playing time, well, except for the fact that he has a vaguely imaginable upside.

Nice to see a Sweeney homer and another game without him leaving early due to back problems.


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