Royals Nightly
Monday, April 04, 2005
Game 1- Tigers 11, Royals 2 (0-1)
Well that was certainly horrible.

In the first non-made-for-TV game of the 2005 season, the Tigers destroyed our Royals in Detroit. As you probably know, Dimitri Young (aka the fat Coolio) had a decent game- becoming only the third person ever to hit three homers on Opening Day. Picking up where last season left off, the Royals game-plan featured an offense incapable of getting extra-base hits or walks coupled with a pitching staff that couldn't keep the ball in the yard.

However, the Royals did manage to strike out 5 Tigers, which was a total often not seen during entire 3 game serieses (is that a word?) last season.

Predictably, Lima Time wasn't very happy, and he's now got a nice 15.00 ERA to work with on his next start. Basically, no one save Royals Nightly hero Shawn Camp pitched very well, but then again, no one really expected them to.

On the bright side, Calvin Pickering homered in the 8th, the first extra-base hit and homer of the season for the Royals. Pickering's fighting against at least 5 imbedded MLB stigmas this season (he's fat, he's terrible with the glove, he's strikeout prone, he's not a good batting average guy, he's a career minor leaguer etc.) and he'll need to get a good start going if he wants to see 300 ABs this season. Plus, theres surely a ready and waiting KC STAR piece about the travesty of not playing "All-Star Ken Harvey" sitting on the staff's desktop, should ever a slow news day arrive.

Well, only 100 or so more losses to go.



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