Royals Nightly
Thursday, March 03, 2005
Royals/Rangers at 3PM
Pretty cool to see games again... even if they are meaningless. I'm still trying to get around to parts 3 & 4 of the RN Royals Preview, but the work schedule has just been murder lately...

One quick thing:

-Lima Time

I'm pretty sure that one of these guys will do better than expected and that one of them will flame out, melt down, and be totally useless. (No, I don't know who will do this, but just that with pitchers... you know someone will surprise, good or bad.)

The question is, what will the other guys do?

Can Jimmy Gobble continue to be a major league pitcher without strking anyone out (at a historically relevant level)? Can MacAffeldt step up and be useful? Can Runelyvs return to his 2 months of adequacy in 2003?

Questions Questions...


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