Royals Nightly
Sunday, March 20, 2005
Pickering/Harvey Update
Calvin Pickering, the people's choice at 1B/DH, is having a rough spring. In 30 ABs, he's managed just 5 hits, all singles, which comes out to a nice batting and slugging average of .167. (I can't find any sources that list walks, which is a big part of Pick's value.)

Swingin' Ken, on the other hand, is batting .200, but does have a homer and a double, for a still terrible .360 SLG%.

[Insert disclaimer about Spring Training stats here.]

The thing is, I can be skeptical of good stats, but bad ones too? Its clear that Pickering will have the support of Allard, but nevertheless needs to get off to a strong start if he wants to get over 200ABs.

Well, until Sweeney gets hurt at least.


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