Royals Nightly
Monday, March 21, 2005
The word on the street (or per the KC Star) is that our Royals are interested in signing Joe McEwing as one of the utility guys.

McEwing's career line is only slightly better than what, say, any good high school player in America might put up: .253/.307/.363.

Need I add that dude isn't even fast? Lets see, other than being passable at multiple positions, McEwing still isn't actually good at anything. Take a player like Ken Harvey, Ken's not good at anything either, but there are at least a few things he doesn't suck at: he can hit a fairly empty .280, and might one day develop a little mini-power stroke and become Mike Tucker lite. It could happen. McEwing meanwhile, has no upside, no potential, and no skills. He's just a standard issue known-entity, non-criminal and looks like he hustles alot (because inherently everyone sees the suckiness). Thats freakin it.

I know its a minor, non-issue signing that hasn't even happened yet. Still, don't do this Allard.


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