Royals Nightly
Friday, February 18, 2005
Dead Last
Good ole Buster Olney gives his preseason "power rankings" (a strange concept that has somehow infiltrated all sports and all sports websites) on espn.com. Not too surprisingly, our Royals are ranked 30th, behind such luminaries as Washington, Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay.

It must be their huge advantage in steals.

But Buster, the Royals ranked 18th last season in productive outs!?!? Doesn't that count for anything anymore!?!?!

Yes, I will never live that stupid stat down. I wonder if Buster realizes that Washington led MLB in productive outs, followed by Colorado and Pittsburgh? Those teams ranked 28th, 11th and 27th in runs scored...

So f*&ing stupid... and yet, I'm mad about it.


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