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Sunday, February 13, 2005
Affeldt and Brian L. Hunter
As you've probably seen Affeldt lost his arbitration case this weekend. From the AP:

Affeldt, eligible for the first time, will receive a raise from $350,000 to $950,000 instead of his $1.2 million request, arbitrators Christine Knowlton, Elliott Shriftman and Steven Wolf decided. They heard the case Friday.

I guess at some level I'm supposed to be happy that the cash-strapped Royals "won" the hearing and saved a couple $100,000... But honestly, I can't even muster the feeling. Maybe Affeldt really wanted to tell his boys that he was a millionaire, ( I sure would) and now he's just a little bit short of being able to do that.

Either way, RN is officially on record as not having much faith in Affeldt anymore, considering that even if he becomes an effective reliver thats still a net-loss from his former career path, which had him as a potential rotation conributor...

And, former steals champion (insert fake glee!) Brian L. Hunter has been given a NRI by the Royals, and could make the team as a fourth outfielder.

In 2003 with Houston Hunter hit .264/.313/.346, with, umm, no steals.


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