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Sunday, January 16, 2005
Sweeney Comments
Mike Sweeney (.287/.347/.504 - 106 games) has created a stir throughout the Royals-community with his semi-negative comments about the Royals organization.

On the Royals-L and elsewhere, much indignation has been feigned, but looking at the actual story, Mike takes great pain to qualify himself time and time again:

-"It is a bit frustrating. I'm not the owner. And I'm not the GM. But I am a player who wants to win."
-"I just feel like I've been misled a little bit."
-"I'm definitely not throwing up the white flag and saying get me out of here."

Interestingly, Sweeney essentially echoes the sentiments voiced by RN last week:

"Everyone in baseball knows the Central Division is the weakest. But you have to go out there and try, make some good off-season acquisitions. Build around your veterans and hopefully supplement them with guys from the minor leagues and free agents. I'm looking at the team for '05 and it's not what I hoped it would be as far as stacking the team to win a division in 2005."

Since 2001, Sweeney's games-played totals are : 126, 108, 106, with the 108 in 2003 playing a large role in slowing down the team's miracle run at an 87 win, AL Central winning season. Right now, you'd have to think that the over/under on games played in 2005 is somewhere around 110...

Has Greinke hit the DL yet??? Knowing the Royals luck, I'd say its inevitable...



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