Royals Nightly
Thursday, January 20, 2005
Nixed Affeldt-Kearns Deal?
Scanning through a recent Reds discussion over at All-Baseball, Will Carroll dropped an interesting nugget relating to our Royals:

"The Reds overpaid for Dunn. What would really worry me is that O’Brien
doesn’t have a clue about value. They asked KC for JEREMY AFFELDT of all
things in return for Kearns and turned down Zito for Dunn, asking for

Well, who knows how close the Red-Royals were to making said deal, although I am heartened that there is a chance that Allard at least had the discussion. The recent stories/press-releases on the kcroyals.com site about "taking another look at Abraham Nunez" are truly horrifying.


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