Royals Nightly
Friday, December 17, 2004
M's make moves, R's don't
And to think, Seattle and Kansas City spent much of last summer battling for the title of "worst team in the American League".

Not that its really Royals related, but I'm just stunned at the Beltre deal, 5 years, 64 million; thats it?

How much is Jim Bowden paying Christian Guzman again?

(16 million+, 4 years)

What this tells me is that the vast majority of GMs think that Beltre's 2004 was a fluke. I mean, dude hit 48 homers last year, playing half his games in a freakin damp swamp, while playing 3rd base, which has basically become SS-Left in the past decade.

And he's 25 years old.

Something just doesnt add up here.

Anyway, looks like those random games against the Mariners just got tougher.



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