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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
The Worst Trade of All-Time??
Another angle in thinking about the Padres-Royals trade is this: how do you evaluate the merits of transaction in which, EVERY PLAYER INVOLVED has been a below-average contributor?
The trade is essentially a problem swap of principles, with some promise that Tankersley might be decent someday.

Lee Sinins of the Sabermetric Encyclopedia and The Hardball Times notes that in the last three season Terrence Long has arguably been one of the worst outfielders in baseball,

RCAA (Runs Created Above Average)
1 Endy Chavez -48
2 Terrence Long -42
T3 Doug Glanville -41
T3 Ron Calloway -41
5 Timo Perez -36
6 Gabe Kapler -33
7 Jose Macias -32
T8 Juan Encarnacion -30
T8 Roger Cedeno -30
10 Michael Tucker -29

May has a career -1 RCAA by the way, Tankersley is at -37 and Bukvich -6... So I guess comparatively speaking D.A.R.Y.L's the man.


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