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Monday, November 08, 2004
Trade News-- Bye Bye D.A.R.Y.L.
Padres get:

D.A.R.Y.L. May
Ryan Bukvich

Royals get:

Terrence Long
Ryan Tankersley

Umm, OK.

Why Allard, why? Are you trying to make my AL Executive of the Year vote look even worse? First, with regards to the the Tankersley-Bukvich challenge trade: well, Tanks' a year younger, and has a cool name. He's got a rep as a guy with decent stuff, but it hasn't been reflected in his major league performance yet. Perhaps Tankersley has more upside thank Bukvich, and is partially making up for the terribleness of acquiring T. Long. Maybe.

Which of course brings us to the May-Long end of the trade. Some strange quotes from Allard here:

"Going into it, Abraham Nunez is the guy but Terrence will compete with him. It doesn't take away the void for the corner outfield run-production guy that we're looking for."

So, he's not necessarily the starter? Is another pickup in the works? If this is the case, why pickup Long at all?

"He can run, play defense. He's not a plate discipline guy -- he's aggressive with the bat but he's a guy who should give us some offense. What I like is his ability to hit doubles. He's a gap-to-gap hitter who should fit very well in our ballpark," Baird said.

Wow, explicit reference to "plate discipline" as an attribute, although in the context of trading for a guy who can still help the offense.

Was Allard just looking to get rid of May? Reading between the lines, it seems like there is just no reason to go after a guy like Terrence Long (who incidentally, proved to be a bit of a malcontent during his final, awful, season in Oakland), especially if he isn't even likely to be the starter. Or gasp, he is, and Allard's just talking about picking up the other corner-slot. Maybe its the defense (I guess), maybe Allard really likes his doubles power (cough cough).

America turns her eyes to the upcoming Nunez-Long spring training battle.

May's 32 and not getting any younger, or better, but I can't help but feel that an innings sponge was more valuable than this. I love the stated assumption in the official MLB.com piece that the Royal had a batch of younger starters coming up, making May expendable. Of course, theres no mention of how terrible/injured these guys may not be.

D.A.R.Y.L, we'll always have your semi-adequate 2003.



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