Royals Nightly
Tuesday, November 09, 2004
More Trade Comments
Rob and Rany (aka "the internet's most famous Royals fans") are fairly positive in their evaluations of this trade:

Rany: Exactly. I know that our assessment of this deal isn’t universal; my buddy Joe Sheehan thinks May is due for a big improvement now that he’s finally pitching in a ballpark which suits his flyball tendencies, and he argues that it’s hard to win any trade in which you acquire Terrence Long. But trades aren’t defined by the worst players you acquire; they’re defined by the best. When you factor in age, cost, and service time, Tankersley is clearly the best player in this deal. And it’s a pretty good rule of thumb that when you end up with the best player in a trade, you won the trade.

Of course, May was pitching in the newly expanded confines of the K in 2004 and it didn't seem to help him that much.


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