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Sunday, November 28, 2004
Kendall Trade
Looks like its finally done. The boys at USS Mariner like the move the A's have made. Try as I might, I can't really find a direct Royals angle... but it is another example of a "small market" club (or rather, the same one as always) that is willing to think outside the box and attempt to improve.

Or at least, try to improve.

Which is alot better than endless whining about things that aren't changing anytime soon.


Thursday, November 18, 2004
Colt Griffin was not added to the 40-man roster, and will be availible in the Rule V Draft. (I think Neyer used to always do a rant on how everyone used the roman numerals for no reason...)

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see if someone picks him up. Either way, its pretty depressing.

Fan Scouting Report
As the off-season drags
No hope for improvement
Only fear of a stupid signing
or two...

But at least Vinny Castilla and Christian Guzman are already off the market!!


By the way, I got an email today from the folks at Tangotiger... they're putting together a scouting report database, and are solicting fan evaluations of players... Royals fans are invited to participate.

This might be your last, best chance to evaluate the defensive ability of Matt Stairs, Ken Harvey and Dee Brown!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004
The Worst Trade of All-Time??
Another angle in thinking about the Padres-Royals trade is this: how do you evaluate the merits of transaction in which, EVERY PLAYER INVOLVED has been a below-average contributor?
The trade is essentially a problem swap of principles, with some promise that Tankersley might be decent someday.

Lee Sinins of the Sabermetric Encyclopedia and The Hardball Times notes that in the last three season Terrence Long has arguably been one of the worst outfielders in baseball,

RCAA (Runs Created Above Average)
1 Endy Chavez -48
2 Terrence Long -42
T3 Doug Glanville -41
T3 Ron Calloway -41
5 Timo Perez -36
6 Gabe Kapler -33
7 Jose Macias -32
T8 Juan Encarnacion -30
T8 Roger Cedeno -30
10 Michael Tucker -29

May has a career -1 RCAA by the way, Tankersley is at -37 and Bukvich -6... So I guess comparatively speaking D.A.R.Y.L's the man.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
More Trade Comments
Rob and Rany (aka "the internet's most famous Royals fans") are fairly positive in their evaluations of this trade:

Rany: Exactly. I know that our assessment of this deal isn’t universal; my buddy Joe Sheehan thinks May is due for a big improvement now that he’s finally pitching in a ballpark which suits his flyball tendencies, and he argues that it’s hard to win any trade in which you acquire Terrence Long. But trades aren’t defined by the worst players you acquire; they’re defined by the best. When you factor in age, cost, and service time, Tankersley is clearly the best player in this deal. And it’s a pretty good rule of thumb that when you end up with the best player in a trade, you won the trade.

Of course, May was pitching in the newly expanded confines of the K in 2004 and it didn't seem to help him that much.

Monday, November 08, 2004
Trade News-- Bye Bye D.A.R.Y.L.
Padres get:

D.A.R.Y.L. May
Ryan Bukvich

Royals get:

Terrence Long
Ryan Tankersley

Umm, OK.

Why Allard, why? Are you trying to make my AL Executive of the Year vote look even worse? First, with regards to the the Tankersley-Bukvich challenge trade: well, Tanks' a year younger, and has a cool name. He's got a rep as a guy with decent stuff, but it hasn't been reflected in his major league performance yet. Perhaps Tankersley has more upside thank Bukvich, and is partially making up for the terribleness of acquiring T. Long. Maybe.

Which of course brings us to the May-Long end of the trade. Some strange quotes from Allard here:

"Going into it, Abraham Nunez is the guy but Terrence will compete with him. It doesn't take away the void for the corner outfield run-production guy that we're looking for."

So, he's not necessarily the starter? Is another pickup in the works? If this is the case, why pickup Long at all?

"He can run, play defense. He's not a plate discipline guy -- he's aggressive with the bat but he's a guy who should give us some offense. What I like is his ability to hit doubles. He's a gap-to-gap hitter who should fit very well in our ballpark," Baird said.

Wow, explicit reference to "plate discipline" as an attribute, although in the context of trading for a guy who can still help the offense.

Was Allard just looking to get rid of May? Reading between the lines, it seems like there is just no reason to go after a guy like Terrence Long (who incidentally, proved to be a bit of a malcontent during his final, awful, season in Oakland), especially if he isn't even likely to be the starter. Or gasp, he is, and Allard's just talking about picking up the other corner-slot. Maybe its the defense (I guess), maybe Allard really likes his doubles power (cough cough).

America turns her eyes to the upcoming Nunez-Long spring training battle.

May's 32 and not getting any younger, or better, but I can't help but feel that an innings sponge was more valuable than this. I love the stated assumption in the official MLB.com piece that the Royal had a batch of younger starters coming up, making May expendable. Of course, theres no mention of how terrible/injured these guys may not be.

D.A.R.Y.L, we'll always have your semi-adequate 2003.


Sunday, November 07, 2004
Thinking About The Central
Its never too early to start thinking about next season's AL Central... and in fact, on any given day this offseason, I'm sure 90-95% of all baseball fans will be pondering the 2005 season in baseball's most scintillating division! (Margin of error 90-95%)

Minnesota (92-70, 46-30 in division): A franchise that thoroughly believes its own press clippings (small ball, silly non-unique nicknames, obsession with defense, stupid contracts followed by bitching and lying about market etc etc), I just can't see the Twins winning more games next season. Their probably still the class of the division, but it is time for the Twins to take some creative risks and see if they can actually win something worth talking about with this team. Because I'm sorry, but no one is impressed with the current 3-year run.

Chicago White Sox (83-79, 40-36): A completely lost franchise, these White Sox. They're still right there in terms of challenging the Twins, (the injuries to Thomas and Maggs absolutely killed their season) but seem content to instead find new and interesting ways to squander any hopeful inklings. Naturally, the Sox have all but signed Omar Vizquel, a cranky, expensive, virtualy asset-less player at this point in his career. Naturally, he'll probably play 140 games and drop down approximately 40 sac bunts.

Cleveland (80-82, 36-40): Are they on the way up, or have they maxed-out? I think they need to get alot better next season if they want to win 85 games... I smell a Royals 2003-4 stretch version 2.0 here.

Detroit (72-90, 36-40): Improving on 2003 was easy, but how can this team reach 75 wins? Well, if Minnesota, Cleveland and Chicago all get worse, then where do those extra wins go? You guessed it, straight to Comerica Park. Plus, they've picked up Byron Gettis off waivers, so thats worth at least one game right there.

Kansas City (58-104, 32-44): The fact that the 2004 Royals could go 32-44 in division should tell you something about the overall strength of baseball's Norris Division. In fact, if the team hadn't completely fallen apart against the Indians and Sox to end the season, they might have gone .500 in the division. If you think I was being a tad harsh on the Twins above, consider their own division record as well as the Royals. And yes, I know they had injuries, they also got career years from three pitchers (Radke, Santana, Nathan) and a never to be duplicated again 569 ABs from Lew Ford... But about those Royals... yea, its still gonna be ugly.


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