Royals Nightly
Monday, October 04, 2004
Game 162- White Sox 5, Royals 0 (58-104)
One final, terrible, shutout loss. In the season finale our Royals were completely dominated by Yankee-exile Jose Contreras and the amazing Shingo!- 3 singles, 2 walks and no runs. Fitting really, considering how the 2004 season went.

Final 2004 rankings:

Runs- 720 (11th in AL)
Batting Average- .259 (13th in AL)
OBP- .322 (13th in AL)
SLG- .397 (13th in AL)

Honestly, how in the hell did this team manage to outscore Toronto, Tampa Bay and Seattle? Felicitous circumstance I guess, or, if you prefer, a somewhat higher batting average with runners in scoring position (.267, 10th in the AL).

And what exactly was the point of sending the franchise out for one, final, utterly meaningless start? Greinke had a nice enough day, allowing just 3ER in 5 innings, and thankfully Pena had no designs on having him pitch a complete game or anything else childish. Honestly, the whole thing looks like an attempt to register a mythical "W", and as soon as that enterprise looked out of reach Zach was pulled. Ohh well, what can you do other than complain??


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