Royals Nightly
Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Believe... In Ineptitude
Tony Pena's career record: 190-260 (.422)

Royals final attendence figures:

Total- 1,661, 478 (27th, just behind Florida and ahead of Pittsburgh)
Avg- 21, 031 (29th, between Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay)
% Capacity- 51.6% (25th, tied with Cleveland and ahead of NY Mets)

[Wow... Cleveland went 80-82, was supposedly one of the most exciting teams in the AL for awhile, and they had roughly comparable attendence figures with our Royals.]

By the way, how can Boston finish with an attendence average of 100.7%? If you are always above capacity, then isn't your capacity really not capacity?

End the lies.



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