Royals Nightly
Thursday, September 30, 2004
Game 158- Indians 5, Royals 2 (57-101)
The Worst.

Thats what these Royals are now, the absolute worst Royals team ever. Amazingly, this was a team that some predicted would win the AL Central, or at least win 85 games.

The offense has completely broken down, basically its come down to hoping for 6 straight singles and a few errors from the opposing team if you want a big inning. By virtue of scoring 2 runs against the Tribe however, we can relish in the fact that the 4-game 1-run streak is over.

Mike Wood's season is done. Wood's final numbers:

-17 Starts, 100 innings 3-8 record
-Thanks to a fairly low walk-rate (2.5/9), Wood's WHIP approaches respectability: 1.40
-K-rate: 4.9/9; HR-rate: 1.4/9
- ERA: 5.94

Ehh... There was a stretch in early August where he looked like he might be a decent contributor, now he looks like an innings-eater at best. Well, we'll see, I'm sure another season with the Royals "pitch to contact" type-instruction will certainly do him no good.

Mac's ERA is now at 6.10, lets pray he gets it under 6.



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