Royals Nightly
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Game 156- Indians 6, Royals 1 (57-99)
Just a terrible, terrible loss. Thanks to an inept offense and a late-inning bullpen meltdown, the Royals will now certainly reach the 101 L mark, making 2004 the worst season in Royals history.

Zach Greinke pitched what I hope will be his final game of the season, and offered Royals fans a slight glimmer of hope. We'll, hope that next year's 60-70 win team will have at least one good pitcher. Greinke went 7 innings, allowing only 4 Hs, 2 BBs and 0Rs. With the 7 shutout innings, Zach lowered his season ERA to 3.92, its lowest point since it stood at 3.51 after a July 15th win over the Twins.

In terms of VORP, Greinke's basically been better than the rest of the Royals rotation combined.

Greinke- 36.4

Everyone Else: 15.4

Gobble- 9.0
Reyes- 9.0
Wood- 3.6
Affeldt- 2.9
Anderson- -11.7
May- .2
Serrano- 5.3

The only Royals offense came from DeJesus's 6th inning homer. David's put together a really nice second half (.310/.383/.450), and is primed to be one of the 8 or 9 best CFs in the AL next season. Considering the other options, I'm quite pleased with the Royals home-grown Beltran replacement.


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