Royals Nightly
Thursday, September 09, 2004
Game 140- Detroit 8, Royals 0 (51-89)
The single, my friend, is a fickle lover. Sometimes they show up in waves, fuel an offense and produce mucho runs. Other times there aren't enough of 'em, and they just produce stranded runners.

In today's epic game 1 win-- the uhh 26-5 game-- the Royals used a vicious onslaught of timely singles on the way to one of the greatest games of this wretched Royals season. The Royals produced 26 hits and 8 walks in scoring those 26 runs. The walk total is pretty nice, but it was pretty unusual to see a team score 26 runs while only hitting one homer. The Royals had 19 singles, 5 doubles and 1 triple.

In my favorite development, Smilin' Joe Randa went 6-7, continuing his now annual second-half surge. Joe's now got an outside shot at an OPS in the .800 range, which would represent something of a miracle.

Of course, the nicest side-effect of this game was the chance to let Greinke pad his stats with another meaningless/meaningful "win". Earlier in the season it looked like Zach might post a sub 3.50 ERA and have a record like 3-13. Thankfully, he's gotten a tad more support in the last few months (although he hasn't quite pitched as well as it looked like he might) and now sits at 8-9. Granted, to me personally, these win-loss totals mean absolutely nothing. But, judging from some of the comments he's made here and there over the season, its clear that Zach and the Royals have an invested emotional interest in getting Ws. So be it. If Greinke feels better about himself because of a dumb junk stat, then I'm happy too.

I'm not happy about giving up 3 homers in Comerica. But hell, I "never played the game", so I'm sure he was just pitching to the score or somesuch.

Finally, the game featured good pitching from Chris George (of the reputed faster fast ball) and the previously exiled Mike MacDougal. The two allowed 2 runs in 4 innings, so its not like they completely dominanted... but its a start.

Ohh yea... there was a completely awful second game. Nothing like following up a 26 run effort with being shutout! How Royals is that!?!? In the second game our Royals dropped down from 19 singles to only 7, and couldn't manage a single extra-base hit. Ohh, and of course the lack of power was supplemented by only 2 walks. Niiiice.

I think I'm contractually obligated to not spend more time on the loss than the gigantic win, so I won't. Suffice to say, I don't think D.A.R.Y.L May is very good. We can get into the details of this later.


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