Royals Nightly
Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Through 103
The Royals have slogged through 103 games so far, and since we've passed three fairly significant markers-- the trade deadline, the 100th game and the end of July-- at essentially the same moment in time, a goodly amount of retrospection is in order.

(By the way, I love the idea floating around the internet that a good infield defense saves "2-3 runs a night"... uhh, no, not even close. Maaaaayybe a great defense saves 2-3 runs a week versus a poor one, but again, alot depends on the park and pitchers that are involved.)

Lets build outward:

Wins: 37
Losses: 66

Runs scored: 437
Runs allowed: 578

Home Runs hit: 98
Home Runs allowed: 124

Walks Drawn: 279
Walks Issued: 335

Batting Average: .255
Batting Average Allowed: .293

On-Base %: .318
On-Base % Allowed: .353

Slugging: .394
Slugging Allowed: .478

Steals: 52
Steals Allowed: 59

Hmm... So thats what a losing team looks like. Forget that actually, thats what a really poor team looks like, inferior to the opponent in nearly every facet of the game. Bad team's can still have the odd strength. Not this one.

And of course, the old favorite:

Pitcher Ks: 526
Hitter Ks: 626

Reader extraordinaire Peter Benson offers the following summary:

"In the R's 37 wins;
they have allowed 10 unearned runs
have a .328 batting average
average 6.89 runs/game
have scored 255 runs and allowed 126 - difference of 129
have a 3.11 ERA
Hit 46 HRs - average of 1.24 per game

In their 66 losses;
they have allowed 61 unearned runs
have a .218 batting average
average 2.76 runs/game
have scored 182 runs and allowed 452 - - difference of -270
have a 6.34 ERA
Hit 51 HR - average of .77 per game"

Look at that man, this team isn't even playing very many close games.

Here is another amazing fact: In game 39, the Royals managed only 1 base hit against the A's. From game 39 until game 65 (a saturday afternoon loss to the Phils) the Royals in game batting average was at or under .200. (Which is to say, if you took each box score and did produced a team BA for that game, like say, 3 hits in 31 ABs, said BA would have been under .200) Thats 26 straight games in which the offense sucked. Yes, the mini-outburst in Atlanta was during this period, in which the ROyals managed a .200 game BA twice, so there, still not above .200.



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