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Monday, August 02, 2004
That Empty Feeling
Anyone else feeling a little strange today? The post-trade-deadline confusion is finally over, and the fierce competition of Royals-Indians has left us with the passing of the weekend. To make matters worse, there were only two games today, one of which (Jays- Tribe) was over before I even knew it was happening. My point is, where exactly are our Royals now? Done shopping?

Seriously, I was convinced that someone out of Sweeney, Sullivan, Cerda, Field, Camp, Graffinino, Stairs and Randa would be gone. I mean, its cool that the team wasn't gutted further... there are a few remaining Royals fans out there, including some like me that will likely follow just about every freaking game no matter what.

And of course, maybe Allard's not done, and maybe the offers he got weren't good for the franchise. I get that. Its just that, emotionally, I was sorta ready for the greater teardown, only to be left with the sage pickup of Justin Huber, and hoping that Abraham Nunez becomes useful.

Its like what the say about disaster movies: everyone secretly yearns to see the world destroyed... or at least their hometown.

I gotta do a July review at some point (yikes), maybe even a super ambitious 100-game review. For now, I'm torn by the prospect of mildly supporting the Cardinals World Series run and or rooting against the Cubs and Red Sox. (As a Royals fan, you can guess my attitude to faux-fan-agony.)



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