Royals Nightly
Thursday, August 26, 2004
Game 124- Angels 21, Royals 6 (44-80)
Umm... I believe this is where I'm required to make a joke about last night's score and a football game, something along the lines of the Angels/Rams/Raiders beat the Royals/Chiefs thanks to threw touchdown passes from Jeff DaVanon. Kinney and Wood-- two pitchers/pickups I've laregly praised-- exploded on the mound, allowing 11 runs before the 4th inning was over. Wood somehow managed to give up 8 runs on only 6 hits, without allowing a homer which requires a little bit of bad luck. Camp and Sully didn't fare much better, as they combined to give up 10 runs, most of which had a more traditional Jeff DaVanon's having the game of his life kinda feel to them.

Beyond the merely silly fact that the Royals surrendered 21 runs, or were "season swept" the the Angels, the 3 game sweep in Anaheim drove home a more troubling fact: the Royals just cannot win on the road. Thanks to this sweep, Kansas City is now easily the worst road team in baseball, and its far from close. Here are the road records of all the last place teams:

Milwaukee- 24-38
Montreal- 24-41
Toronto- 22-43
Seattle- 18-46
Arizona- 19-44
K.C. -16-44

Arizona's a .305 ballclub right now, a near historically bad team thats fielding a roster that gets worse with each passing week (stop me if this sounds familiar). Nonethless, the D'Backs (how I loathe that name) have had an easier time on the road than our Royals, and they play in a considerably tougher division.

Last night was Pickering's first non-exemplary game-- producing only a single and walk in 5 pAs. Pick's line thus far: .333/.412/1.067 is still getting it done however.

Finally, and you know this from my constant anti-Harvey rants, that I'm not a big batting average guy. Still, it tells a part of the story, albeit a fairly minor one. In last night's game, after Pickering, the next highest BA in the lineup was DeJesus at .284, two players (Gotay and Guiel) were under .200, and 3 others were under .233. But hey, the team did draw one walk total, so clearly this is a lineup thats finding other ways to get on-base.


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