Royals Nightly
Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Game 123- Angels 7, Royals 5 (44-79)
Despite that fact that 2/3rds of this troika is on the DL, I can think of nothing funnier than the possibility of having Sweeney, Harvey and Pickering race one another around the bases. Of course, Pickering managed a triple last night, so he's got to be one of the favorites, given his recent experience of running hard for more than 90 feet.

For those that enjoy the vagaries of roster management, Royals style, we should note that Pickering's 3-game line is now at .364/.417/1.364. For you Baseball America and Buster Olney fans, maybe we should note the 11 Rs.B.I. As Jim Baker recently pointed out, Pickering's already surpassed Juan Gonzalez in terms of VORP, thanks to his 4.6 rating. You can add to that list, Berroa (at .1 the very definition of replacement level), Desi (-8.3), Tony Graff (4.5), DeJesus...

Well, you get the idea, its damn near half the team. I know its a song many analysts have been playing over and over since the weekend, but beating the drum for Calvin Pickering seems worthwhile as long as he continues to slug over 1.000.

Congrats to Uncle John Buck, he's now batting over .200, thus greatly increasing his odds of ever becoming a big-league regular. His mild power stroke also continues to develop, raising increased suspicion that Allard made a nice deal, and that the Astros minor-league system, which is missing a few levels, may have hindered some of his development.

Ohh yea, another horrible pitching performance and Royals loss. How could I forget that, the primary topic at hand. I'm still not sure why Reyes has been given the Swingman role, other than the fact that he's established roughly what his performance expectation is, and therefore the Serranos of the world-- or Brian Andersons as it were-- need to be given starts to determine if, in fact, theres anything remotely useful about having them around. Nevertheless, I maintain that Reyes was given a raw deal by the Royals, which, by the same token, hurt his own chances to make more money while to a lesser extent hurt the 2004 team's chance to win. Reyes had an outside shot at winning 10-12 games before he went to the pen, which would have possibly allowed him to get noticed and get paid. Ohh well, spilled milk I guess... Dennys had a rough time retiring Angels, and to that end the lethal combination of Reyes and Serrano produced another Royals loss. Certainly, this team has found numerous ways to reach the same result, so my evening's sleep wont be much effected either way.

Good luck tonight Royals, the quest for 60 wins continues in earnest.


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