Royals Nightly
Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Game 117- Mariners 16, Royals 3 (42-75)
Well, that was terrible. The inspiring comeback of D. May story will have to wait another month or two, as a below-average Mariners offense completely pasted him. May's line: 2IP, 9H, 9ER, 1BB, 2K. Thank goodness he picked up those two strikeouts, he's gotta maintain his Tallest Midget err #1 ranking on the staff in K's. (Don't look now, but May's got 90! next stop, the thin-air of triple digits... well, in 4 more starts anyway)

Newcomer Jorge Vasquez somehow struckout 4 M's in 2.1 innings and Matt Kinney pictched decently in the mop-up role. Here's what is so totally insane about this team however: there's simply no rhyme or reason to who pitches when. Sometimes, the best Royals pitcher in any given game is the middle-innings guy who's entered the game with the team already down 7-2. of course, this all returns to the folly of having such a bad starting rotation, but for all intents and purposes, the worse you are, the more innings you will pitch for Tony Pena. Obviously, there is one clear exception, and thats Greinke (and perhaps Wood), but beyond that, the general rule of insanity works. Brian Anderson's ERA is over 7.00, but he's a starter so we'll need to put him back in the rotation ahead of Dennys Reyes, even though Reyes has been better than Anderson in every imaginable way.

And then theres the offense. Wilton Guerrero, Aaron Guiel, Ruben Mateo, Desi Relaford and Abraham Nunez all appearing in the same freaking game!?!? Just totally bizarre. And that's neglecting to mention that the team's regulars are a fatal mix of young and old, with not a single player beyond Mike Sweeney thats a true asset to a Major League team at this point.

This was elaborated on during the 100 game review, but it is worth repeating:

This lineup doesn't hit for average, doesn't draw walks, doesn't hit for power and isn't particularly fast. Do you realize how difficult that is to do? You've pretty much gotta have glorified place-holders at damn near every position to pull it off. Done and done.

Worse still, the Royals are one of the worst defensive teams in the league.

Mariners 16, Royals 3.


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