Royals Nightly
Saturday, August 14, 2004
Game 114- Royals 10, A's 3 (41-73)
How cool was that? Honest Abe Nunez and Uncle Buck slamming in the same game? The number floating around is that its the first time rookie teammates have hit grand slams in "at least" 47 years. Buck's starting to show a little bit of power, and he doesn't look near as bad at the plate as he did during his month-long pursuit of a .150 batting average.

While Mark Mulder struggled to retire Royals, Mike Wood threw strikes and moved smoothly through 6 innings. Wood's line 1ER, 5Hs, 1BB and (he is a Royal after all) 1K. Wood's season ERA is now 4.50, and his 1.35 WHIP is the 3rd best on the staff (behind Greinke and Field). Wood's contributing, and has made the Beltran trade look better with each start. Are they comparable players? No, not really. Nevertheless, it looks like Allard may have done well for himself.

As weird as it is to write this, is the Royals starting rotation starting to approach decency? Anderson and May are both having solid second halves (albeit by being hit-lucky and hoping that they don't allow too many homers) and Greinke and Wood have continued to be consistently OK. Maybe 110 loses isn't inevitable after all.


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