Royals Nightly
Thursday, August 12, 2004
Game 112- Royals 4, White Sox 2 (40-72)
I was starting to doubt that I'd ever see 40 wins from this team. I was starting to doubt that Mike Sweeney was still an elite player. I was starting to doubt that D.A.R.Y.L. May was a big-league quality player.

Well, sometimes its ok to be positive.

As Royals Nightly returns to regular coverage of the hell that is this season, its not without a tiny bit of optimistic surprise. Last night D. May pitched one of his better games of the season, continuing a strong second half. May went 8 innings, allowing only 4 Hs, 2Rs 3BBs while striking out 6. Amazingly, May's ERA since the All-Star Break is 4.05. Now, I can hear you saying that 4.05 isn't all that great, especially over only 6 starts. Well, you are right, its not great, not even close to great in fact, but it is good, and good is a start.

(By the way, Brian Anderson's second half ERA? 2.43!!! I wonder what the Vegas line on that number would have been at the break?!?!)

An interesting side-debate this season among Royals fans has been the Sweeney-Harvey debate, which seemingly reached laughable levels around mid-June. Harvey was the young, cheap, hustling .350 hitter who never missed a game. Sweeney was the injury-prone, over-paid malcontent who didn't care about winning.

Well, its mid-August now, and their batting average's have drawn ever closer, somewhat quieting the debate. Sweeney's season line is still off from his early 00's peak, but at (.285/.342/.510) he's now a better than average corner/DH run producer, and his blistering second half (.302/.333/.680) leaves room for a hopeful approach to 2005. I'm worried that his patience may be withering away, which is somewhat strange for an older player, but at the same time the power-based worrying looks ill-conceived.

Is there anyone left to cry for Dee Brown? And just how bad is this White Sox offense? Finally, the Indians... wow... this year's Royals or a replay of the Tribe's Dynasty-Building 1994 team? I still can't believe they are getting enough pitching to win games, and the offense looks fluky good... sounds Royalsian to me.


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