Royals Nightly
Sunday, August 01, 2004
Game 102- Royals 10, Indians 3 (36-66)
It was beginning to look like the Royals might never win again, and they still might not win 55 games, but hey... the won last night.

Greinke rebounded nicely, allowing 7Hs 2 BBs and 3ER in 5 innings. He's still slightly gopheriffic, allowing another HR, but 1 is still better than three. Plus he got a "win" to improve his mythical record to 3-8, which probably means something to him.

D.J. Carrasco made a nice re-debut, combining with Field for 4 shutout innings to end the game. Repeat after me, "I love this bullpen".

Plus the offense had a wonderful game, including Mr. Most Hated Royal, Mike Sweeney hitting homer # 20.

Incredibly Low Batting Average Update

Relaford- .204
Buck- .167


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