Royals Nightly
Friday, August 13, 2004
While May, Anderson and Sweeney may be coming around, it hasn't been all positive in the last few weeks. Amazingly, the Royals have demoted Gobble and Berroa now, which is both good in the short term and scary as hell in the long term.

Berroa's Season of Pain:


Consider Berroa's 2004, in which he posted a .287/.338/.451 line, and I think we see two things: 1) a player who has obviously struggled, but also 2) a collapse that isn't wholly outside of Berroa's range of likely outcomes. Berroa's OBP is down, but largely because of batting average-- the walk rate has only dropped from .047 to .039-- a fairly variable stat.

Beyond that, the power's down of course, but given Berroa's light reliance on the legged-out triple and double to boost his numbers (which the extended outfields at the K should have encouraged) there's still a large BA component to his power game.

Finally, Berroa's ability to steal bases weirdly declined this season as well (21-26 in 2003 to 10-15 in 2004), as did his fielding, which for weeks at a time has been unwatchable.

AL Shortstops are hitting .289/.344/.400 this season, and amazingly SS is now a stronger offensive position in the AL than 1b, which has collectively posted a .250/.347/.366 line (Darin Erstad with a side of Minky anyone??). I don't know what this has to do with Berroa, or the Royals, except serving as another reminder of what a failure this season has been. Andres Blanco, I predict, won't crack .300 in OBP or .320 in SLG, but honestly it doesn't matter. This team doesn't matter in 2004, and if Frank White somehow teaches Berroa something in AA, then so be it. Rob and Rany aren't so sure he can, but its probably worth it.


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