Royals Nightly
Tuesday, July 27, 2004
I think, with regards to this year's AL Central Election, Royals Nightly is officially endorsing the Sox, while possibly funneling money to the Indians campaign. I'm a little tired of the Twins, to be honest (triples and hankies and contraction and Shannon Stewart for MVP, ohh my!), and the White Sox never get any love, anywhere. Plus, the White Sox are re-living our Royals hell from last season; they're slowly losing all ability to score runs, as the lineup core heads to the DL and the April and May fluke hitters (Desi meet Uribe) struggle to maintain. Ideally, the Indians would be in first place right now, and Shaprio would make some aggressive "win now" type moves and end up weakening the 2005 team. That won't happen of course, and despite protestations to the contrary, Allard Baird himself resisted such an urge last season, when such a move was actually defensible, if not in fact advisable.

Anyway, its a fairly cool series going on right now in Chicago. Beyond the official stated goal of winning a World Series (or is it breaking even Mr. Glass??), this team's actual goal should be something like a return to relevance. Since the collapse of the Cleveland mid-90s dyansty, this division has been winnable as hell, and the ChiSox and Twins have had a death race to 88 wins each season hence. The Tigers won't win this year, or next year (their pitching may be worse than Kansas City's), and I can't help thinking that the Indians will win more games this season than in 2005... Where this leaves our Royals, I have no idea; but with a strong trading deadline and off-season, I believe they have a shot in '05.



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