Royals Nightly
Friday, July 09, 2004
Three Nights in Baltimore
-Is anyone else really enjoying how proud the Twins seem to be over their sweep/3-game shutout/3 straight complete games/ of the Royals? Vintage Twins fan. Guys, I'll grant you the middle game when Johan had like 15Ks on 80 pitches, but if you think that Lohse and Radke did anything other than face the worst lineup in the last 15 years, you are crazy. Its not you, its us. You are medicore, we are criminally bad.

-Anyone willing to wager that the Royals will leave Baltimore with more errors than runs?

-Whats the over/under on extra base hits? I'm saying 6 total, which, embrassingly, looks a little high to me. All we've got in our favor is Baltimore's own brand of terribleness.

-I'll be beachcombing this weekend so incredibly embittered, negative and soul-crushing updates might be few and far between. I hope my grandchildren are around for the Royals 30th win. I don't think 60 wins is happening this year, in fact I'm nervous as hell about 50.



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