Royals Nightly
Sunday, July 25, 2004
Games 95 & 96- Indians Sweep Royals (35-61)
Alright... I'll say it, that was ----ing terrible. To be quite honest, I haven't been really angered or upset by Royals' ineptitude in at least a month, as daily emotional swings have given way to a more generalized dull despair over this team. Today was different.

1) Complete and unadulterated pitifulness in game one, losing 10-2, getting totally shutdown by ex-Royal flameout Chad Durbin. Fair enough, we've seen it before.

2) The strange meltdown at the end of game two. Leading 3-2 in the 9th, Cerda retires the first two, Tony then indulges his inner LaRussa and brings in Sully to face Matt Lawton... then brings in Seanez after Lawton walks. Single, single ballgame; Royals lose 4-3.

3) The entire AP story reads like a bad rough draft submitted to the Cleveland Plain Dealer: pictures of jumping Indians, Jacobs Field magic, wonderful crowd blah blah blah blah. Hello, this is the worst team in the American league, and you're 49-49; can we not act as if Game 7 in 1997 just got reversed?!?! I know I'd be loving it if it was a Royals win, but reading puff pieces about a pretty minor achievement tends to get annoying.

4) Angel Berroa. Two games, two more errors. He's made an error in 5 straight games. Perhaps I'm not using the italics function enough. Angel Berroa has errored in five consecutive games. Or, are you a bold person? Angel Berroa has errored in five consecutive games. Jeez, Pena, give him a night off, or something. Whats the absolute worst case scenario, that the Royals miss his .250ish OBP in their lineup core and lose 7-3 instead of 7-4? Seriously, this is getting absurd, if not downright silly.


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