Royals Nightly
Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Game 98- Devil Rays 6, Royals 2 (35-63)
Our Royals have now lost 5 straight, each loss inching us closer to 100 loses, but also towards a high draft status next season. Believe.

For a supposed trading block denizon, May was hit pretty hard by the Devil Rays last night, allowing 5 extra base hits in 5 innings, surrendering 5 runs before an inspired crowd at the Trop. Amazingly, May did strikeout 6 batters, continuing a recent up-trend in his K-rate. My established over-under for the series is looking pretty bad, as these two non-strikeout clubs combined for a mildly respectable 12 Ks (Royals had 8!).

On offense, the Royals roped a couple doubles and somehow Grimace managed a triple. Hell, even Randa hit a homer. Once again however, there was a gaping fundamental inadequacy still at play, i.e. the inability to get on base and therefore the Royals were only able to score 2 runs. Sure, theres a smattering of bad luck also at work here, but considering one run came on the Joker's solo shot, we're again confronted with an offense that cannot score runs.

Did it seem to anyone else that the Devil Rays are now a superior club to the Royals? I would have never guessed that on Opening Day. And no, I don't think this D-rays team is going anywhere; but they may have found a way to win 70 games.


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