Royals Nightly
Saturday, July 24, 2004
Game 94- Indians 3, Royals 2 (35-59)
Amazingly, the Royals were shut down by a lethal combination of Scott Elarton (who lowered his ERA to 7.88 in the game) and 5 shutout innings from the Indians bullpen from hell. Honestly, its hard to be negative anymore. It was a fairly entertaining game, and I entertained no prospects of the Royals ever winning it.

Mike Wood continued his run at best Royals starter (non-Greinke division) with last evening's nice effort. Wood went 6.2, allowing only 8 hits and 2ERs. He even struck out 3 batters!

Sweeney homered and Berroa added another error to his total. Field was the tough luck loser giving up the final homer to Brusin' Ben Broussard.

I am still shaking my head over the Elarton "Game of His Life" performance however... then again, the Royals only drew two walks, and managed only 2 extra base hits. Singles... get your singles!!

Buck batting average update: .156
Relaford batting average update: .202

Today's George and Anderson fuelled double-header should be an adventure!!
The quest for 63 wins continues!!


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