Royals Nightly
Thursday, July 22, 2004
Game 93- Royals 13, Tigers 7 (35-58)
I thought the Royals were gonna lose this game. A 9-4 lead had been cut to 9-7, and Sully faced Brandon "I'm suddenly league average" Inge with 2 on and 2 out. Sullivan got Inge looking, and the next inning Sweeney and Grimace homered to push the lead to 13-7. Ballgame.

Thursday's matinee was perhaps the Royals best offensive effort this season, almost certainly so given the slight one-game park effects. The Monarchs scored 13 runs, banged out 17 hits (12 singles, 2 2Bs, 3 HRs) and drew 4 walks. The 13 runs was still a bit fortuitous as a total- Sweeney had 5 men on for his two homers, both of which came with two outs. Buck and Bautista (not the pitcher or the D-Back) are both still below .200, but our Desi has upped his average to .206. Further, as Berroa mixes in 3 walks a week and Sweeney and Swingin Ken both show a little pop in the ole bat, the Royals' offense approaches being mediocre.

Jimmy Gobbled up a cheap win, going 5.2 and allowing 5ERs on 7 hits. Perhaps most troubling, however, were the three gopher-balls Gobble served up. Well... that and the continued inability to strike anyone out. Look out Nate Cornejo!! Seanez returned to his honeymoon form, throwing 2 scoreless innings and striking out 4.

Now its on to Cleveland for 4 games, for more food folks and fun with this team! The Indians are this year's Royals, mixing a terrible bullpen with a middling rotation and a surprisingly good offense for a miracle run at .500. At the beginning of the season I was convinced that the Indians were going to be a terrible team, especially after they shipped off Milton Bradley. Shows what I know. It seems like its been forever since these two teams tangled, and you know they don't like one another very much... should be fun!!



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