Royals Nightly
Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Game 91- Orioles 12, Royals 3 (34-57)
Well, after weeks of mediocre pitching and an inept offense, the Royals have proven that they can lose in other ways. For the second consecutive day the Orioles had no problem scoring oodles of runs, as Zack Greinke et all labored through a seemingly endless game. Beyond Greinke's first career ugly line, the pitching staff settled in OK, allowing only 4 more runs over the next 7 innings. Mind you, 4 in 7 still isn't really good, thats still a 5.14 ERA, but its not laughable either. Hell, Bukvich is currently filming his own version of the Rudy Seanez story, as he's sporting a 0.00 ERA through his first 5.1 innings as a Royal.

With regards to the bats, another frustrating game. The Boys in Blue left 23 men on base, which means they probably could have scored more than 3 runs, but also tells us that they were doing better than normal in terms of actually getting men on. So, is it a positive or a negative? Hard to say. The Royal attack was (surprise suprise) of a slappy nature, with 9 singles, 3 doubles and 5 walks.

Grimace (I think I've gotta start using the Neyer-nickname more, although I'm partial to Swingin' Ken) went 3-5 again, and now he's back at .306. He should have been traded for absolutely freaking anything a month ago, but instead we deluded ourselves into attempting to showcase Joe Randa.

You wanna know something sick? Looking at the postgame box score, 11 names appear in the batting section. Of those 11 names, 4 have a batting average below .200. Including the still beneath the Mendoza line Desi Relaford.


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