Royals Nightly
Monday, July 19, 2004
Game 90- Orioles 7, Royals 4 (34-56)
90 games already? This season of pain is just flying by. Tonight's game featured the return of Brian Anderson to the starting rotation, and sadly, the mediocre effort was one of his better starts. Anderson went 5 innings, allowing 3ER on 5Hs and 1BB. Ohh, and of course, no strikeouts. But you knew that already. Anderson gave way to the general ineffectiveness of Seanez-Sully-Huisman, with each contributing in their own way to a disspiriting loss.
On the offensive side, Matt Stairs drew 3 walks, augmenting a Royals patience attack that drew a damn near a season high 7 free passes. Swingin Ken is now back of .300, and even hit a homer of off the truly awesome B.J. Ryan. Congrats Grimace, although I still want you traded. And, as he's now forever known as "Uncle Buck" hit his first major league homer in the 2nd inning.
Finally, Desi Relaford is still under .200. A dude with a SLG under .300 has over 200 ABs... Stealing the Tiger's blueprint for massive failure again Allard??
Just kidding Allard's alright with me. But dang it... Desi is d-o-n-e.


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