Royals Nightly
Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Game 81- Twins 4, Royals 0 (29-52)
Amazingly, stupendously bad. Its gotten stupid lately, just stupid. The Royals have scored 1 run since July 4th, and going back to the near-no-hitter-Harvey-drilled-in-the-back game, have scored in just 2 of their last 36 innings. For the second straight game the Royals have failed to produce an extra-base hit, although Desi did manage to grab a couple walks- thus making him the inside favorite for the the July MVP award for position players. I know I've said it before, but the post-Beltran, post-Sweeney incarnation of the Royals' lineup is just insanely bad, historically bad really.

And then theres The Passion of the Greinke playing out before our eyes; another great effort, another "loss" due to criminally low run support. Zack went 5.2 innings, allowing 5 hits and 4 runs-- basically its as good as a Royal has pitched in the Metrodome in 10 years. Still, the question keeps returning to me, exactly what good is it doing to have Greinke pitching for the Royals? He's just getting a year closer to his arb-eligibility, and for a team that frankly is too bad to justify needing his help. I know the Royals are handling him with kid gloves, but again, why? Its not making a whitt of difference to anyone involved-- they might as well send Anderson out there if they aren't going to score anyway-- while risking something horrible happening.

Zack Greinke is about the only good thing the Royals have going for them, that and the outside chance that Jimmy Gobble flourishes into the second coming of Aaron Sele. He's still very very young, and I hope he gets shut down early in the fall to rest and rebuild his arm. He doesn't need to improve, or even gain some experience really. And anything he marginally gains from making a trip through the circuit is not worth the risk of injury.

The quest for 110 loses continues.


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