Royals Nightly
Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Game 80- Twins 9, Royals 0 (29-51)
Perhaps things can just keep getting worse. Just total and complete ineptitude. Last week the Orioles series seemed like a nice, natural bottoming-out point: the Royals had just been swept by the Cardinals, the post-Beltran reality had fully set in and the Orioles were both horrible, and not playing good baseball at all; and the Royals were dominated. The San Diego series produced a modicum of drama, but the Royals were only "in" those games for about 2 1/2 innings out of 27. Now, this: Twins 9 Royals 0.

The Royals drew, get ready, 0 walks and collected, get ready again, 0 extra base hits. Hell of a day at the office, huh? 27 outs and 4 singles. Four singles in an inning isn't even that good.

Ohh, and Jimmy Gobble 4.1 IP 9H 6R 1BB 2K. Not good, not good at all. Thats known as "below replacement level" in some parts. Here's my absolute favorite part though; Brian Anderson managed to raise his ERA, which now sits at 7.32.

The Royals are on pace for a 59-103 record right now, but I'm not sure that thats not a little optimistic.


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