Royals Nightly
Sunday, July 04, 2004
Game 79- Padres 7, Royals 1 (29-50)
Nice. Nice, 1-10 little run the Royals are on right now. Another brilliantly bad offensive effort; no walks, one extra-base hit, one run. Granted, this might be one of the worst lineups featured this side of the 2003 Tigers. Seriously, Dee Brown AND Desi Relaford AND John Buck AND Ruben Mateo AND Jose Bautista, all on the same team??? Tony Graf and Ken Harvey are nice pieces, perhaps contributing components to a strong offense, and in theory Angel Berroa can hit... but damn... just damn bad.

Mike Wood came down to earth from the dizzying heights of his first win as a starter, although if I blink twice his 5IP- 7H 3ER 4BB 6K line looks a hell of alot like D. May. I might note the Royals struck out 8 Padres, of course, they did walk 7 batters- so, the victory's a tad hollow.

Congrats to Swingin' Ken on his 10th homer, it'll make that stat line that flashes under his name in Houston a little more impressive. Harvey leads the non-Beltran Royals in VORP, and is 3rd among AL first baseman, so perhaps his All-Star birth is justified. Then again, the two guys ahead of Swingin' Ken (Paulie and Hatteberg) have both been left off the team.


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