Royals Nightly
Sunday, July 04, 2004
Game 78- Padres 5, Royals 4 (29-49)
That was just weird. You don't see many no-hit-thru-7-then-score-4-to-tie-game-then-lose-in-next-half-inning-on-freak-Ken-Harvey-getting-hit-by-throw-play games anymore... Not since Curt Flood ruined America with free agency and all dem steriods and blah blah blah blah.

Silliness aside, really really really odd game.
Last night, on the Royals espn message board I noted the possibility that this team could be no-hit at any time. Now, watching the Royals get dominated by Eaton was terrible, and while everyone loves a lovable loser, by the 6th inning I had emotionally decided NOT to root for the no-hitter.

Anyway, then the 8th inning happened. The Royals lumped all their hits together, including two doubles and a homer. Hmm... sounds like a nice weekend, much less an inning. Bam! 4-4. Bruce Boochy is doing his damnedest to see that Akinori Otsuka's arm falls off, and its helped the Royals the last two nights.

Then, in the bottom of the inning the Royals lost on a ket Kerry Robinson double, possible aided by a throw home from Stairs that drilled Swingin' Ken Harvey in the back. Now, I doubt Robinson would have been thrown out, Harvey was pretty far from home (obviously) and Robinson's lone attribute is his speed... that being said... how freakin' ROYAL is it for this to happen?? Especially after what had happened in the 8th, when the team had staged its greatest 15 minutes of "heart" "pride and "will" since Mendy's shot heard round the tri-state on Opening Day.

Harvey laying prone on the Petco grass was certainly funny, in an absurd way, but was also legitimately frightening, and, returning to the actual game narrative, a crucial element in yet another Royals' loss.

29-49. Hide the children.


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